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CD Duplication F.A.Q.

Please feel free to browse Grafxar Multimedia's DVD and CD Duplication FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). We are happy to provide this CD/DVD Duplication information resource to our web visitors. If you do have any questions or comments regarding CD and DVD Duplication, please do not hesitate to contact us. For for assistance, you can find a price to your particular project by using our Instant Online Quote Form.

We have tried to keed this document simple and clear for your convinience, if you're looking for more information simply call us or browse through our website.

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What is the difference between CD duplication and CD replication?

There are two ways of making copies of CDs. Duplication means recording onto a recordable CD (CD-R) rather like recording on audio tape - except a laser beam "burns" pits on the CD rather than creating a magnetic field. Replication is like stamping out the CD rather like a phonograph recorder - in other words, the pits are molded into the CD. Duplication is usually preferable for short run copying (up to 500 CDs) or for projects that require a fast turn-around, whereas replication is often used for large volume distribution. Replication usually has a minimum order requirement (often 500 to 1000 disks).

What do I need to provide in order to get my CD duplicated?

CD or DVD Master for duplication and Artwork CD or photos and text for our graphic designers. A purchase order is also required but if you do not provide a Purchase Order we request a 50% deposit when you place your order.

Can you send me samples of your work, etc...?

We only keep, with the client's permission, 1 copy of their final product (due to copyright and privacy issues we choose to keep our customers works private). Print samples are available by request from your salesperson.

Can I apply for a line of credit? Can I apply online?

Yes - ask one of our salespeople to fax or email you a copy of our credit application. This is usually reserved for corporate clients and is only available on your second order with us.

Do you give resellers's discounts?

Yes - on applicable products. Pricing is dependent primarily on volume and the frequency of orders.

Does my CD need a barcode?

If you plan to sell your product at retail or online stores like Amazon, a barcode is essential. If you have a distributor they would usually give you the barcode number and art. Promotional products, off-stage CD sales and corporate projects do not require a barcode.


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