DVD Conversion

A few reasons why you might consider transferring your VHS tapes to DVD include: VHS tapes deteriorate over time and won’t last long, but DVDs can preserve your video for generations if well cared for. DVDs can last over 100 years! With DVDs- there is no fast forwarding and rewinding- you can find specific scenes immediately. DVDs are much smaller in volume and won’t take up as much space to store as VHS tapes. Don’t let your priceless family heirlooms deteriorate!

Menu design Flash Presentations Custom Authoring And More Functionality and graphic design say as much about your CD-ROM or DVD as its content. Our multimedia specialists will make your discs say more, we’ll transform your rough ideas, raw materials, and digital files into customized, fully interactive discs.

Video Formats. We'll take any of the following tape formats and turn your film into a professional-quality DVD.

• MiniDV (SP mode only)
• DV

How does it work?

Just give us your final edited video master, electronic files, images, or anything else you want added to your menu, and our experts will transform them into a customized, professional-quality DVD. It's surprisingly affordable. We'll work with you to select the best format for your content and guide you through the development process.

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