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Choosing the right CD or DVD package for your needs is easy. Every project is unique. Your success can depend significantly on picking the right packaging format for your discs. If you know what you need, great, click on the required package and you will be guided throughout the entire process from quotation to order placement.

If you’re not sure, we’re here to help. There are several ways we can help you choose the right CD Duplication or DVD Duplication package for your needs:

cd duplication
CD Duplication and DVD Duplication also known as burning or copying involves using CD-R or DVD-R discs to duplicate the data of your master.

Short-run duplication products are great for samplers and small runs of software or music. Each disc is a high quality CD-R or DVD-R which is burned with your information and labeled using either inkjet printing, thermal printing or silk screen printing directly on the disc face.

There is no minimum or maximum number of discs that can be produced with this process, although usually for runs that involve more than 300 CD's, CD Replication is recommended as it is a more economical process for producing large numbers of CD's or DVD's.

Short-run CD Duplication is also suitable for urgent projects as turn-around time is usually 24-48 hours.

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cd replication

The manufacturing of CD's and DVD's also know as CD Replication and DVD Replication, is the physical manufacturing of your compact discs. The end result is exactly what would you buy in a record or software store. It entails producing a glass master, then a metal stamper and actually "pressing" the compact discs. The molded CDs are then silk-screened or process printed and either spindled or packaged with inserts for delivery.

CD Replication and DVD Replication is a convenient and cost effective manufacturing process for larger quantities of CD's or DVD's.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process of CD Replication and DVD Replication , the minimum amount of CD's we can replicate is 500 CD's and for DVD's 1,000.

The manufacturing process will usually take 7-9 business days to complete.

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Custom CD-R's and DVD-R's are a great solution for companies or band's looking to brand blank CD-R's or DVD-R's with their own artwork. These discs can then be burnt by the customer on a need basis as discs are required. This is a popular service for a lot of software manufacturers that are constantly revising their products.

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