These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Supplier and the Customer relating to the goods ordered by the Customer and the goods ordered and all other products sold by the Supplier are sold on these terms and conditions.

Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of quotation unless otherwise noted. Quotes are based upon the costs for raw materials or labour at the time of quoting. Any increase in these costs would be confirmed to you in writing prior to commencement of your order.


All prices are exclusive of freight costs.
Non standard goods will be charged freight and a handling fee.


On disc artwork must be to Grafxar’s specifications. Artwork must be accompanied by a chemical or digital proof on how the final discs and booklet printing is to look. If a proof for on-disc printing is not supplied, the job can not be processed until one is supplied or a letter authorising the artwork. Please note your spot PMS colours for all non four colour process printing requirements. Impositions for artwork can be
supplied upon request.

A white base is required for all four colour process on disc printing. Please note this on your purchase order, as many times we can’t tell when looking at your proof as usually proofs are printed on white paper and we print onto a silver surface. Please note that whatever we quote as to colours on the disc, if you require further colours this will be charged out at $0.05 per colour per disc.


Printing is based upon you supplying us with an electronic file imposed to our specifications, along with a digital proof. Impositions for artwork can be supplied upon request, or via our Website; .
Grafxar uses a computer to plate system. If a chemical proof is required, one will be made on your behalf with the cost to do so being charged to yourselves. Please note that print prices are based on CMYK process for paper parts and special colours like metallic and fluorescent’s will incur extra costs. If you are using these colours, please note this on your film or the disc supplied as this will help in the turnaround of your order.

Supplied paper parts must be on appropriate paper weight, stock and dimensions. If not, hand packing would be required and will incur additional costs. Please ask for our requirements before supplying.
Grafxar does not store paper parts for clients. If a client supplies paper parts to Grafxar as part of their order, any unused parts will be returned with the completed order. If Grafxar prints paper parts on behalf of the client any unused paper parts will be invoiced and supplied back with your order. Any paper parts agreed to be stored will be sent back after six months at your cost after consultation with the client.


All jobs that come to Grafxar must be accompanied by at least one of the following, whether for paper parts or disc art - Digital Proof, Chemical Proof or Laser Prints (not used for colour matching). The reason we request one of the above is so that we have a reference to ensure that all the fonts and text are there are not corrupt and that all the images appear as they should. The only proofs used for colour matching are high
quality digital proofs (although some colour variance may occur) or chemical proofs. Laser prints are not used for colour matching as all colour printers vary their output.

If you are unable to provide a digital or chemical proof we can provide a proof for you that is calibrated to our printing presses. If you request this there will be a small charge. It may also add a couple of extra days to the manufacturing process, as we need to send it to you for sign off and require it back prior to printing to ensure the colours match. If you request a proof, a colour laser print will still need to be provided for a font and
image reference. If you do not request a proof we will proceed with the job and balance the colours to our own satisfaction, but we will not use laser prints to colour match.


For CD and DVD paper parts, we ask that you supply the files to us as “printer’s pages”, these are pages that are set up as the job is to be printed.
For example, if the job is an eight page stapled booklet then there will be four pages set up in the following way: Pages 8/1, 2/7, 6/3, 4/5. For the inlay we will require a separate document.

All pages are to be set up to the finished size of the page. Again, for an eight page booklet the size would be 240mm x 120mm with a 3mm bleed around all outside edges. For the inlay the size will be 150mm x 117.5mm with a 3mm bleed. Please ensure that all images are saved in CMYK and not RGB or Duo Tones.

The files can be saved in the following formats for Mac based systems:
Quark (version 4.)
Illustrator files (version 10 or earlier.)
Photoshop files (version 7 or earlier.)
Freehand (version 10 or earlier.)
Indesign (version 2.)

Files can be saved as EPS, TIFF or PDF (press optimised.) PDF files are only acceptable for jobs that are CMYK, this includes the CD on disc print. If jobs are to be printed in PMS colours then, they must be provided in the other formats.

The files can be saved in the following formats for PC based systems:
Quark (version 4.)
If you provide EPS files from a PC, please convert all fonts to curves.


For CDs, masters should be supplied on CD or a finalised, single track, single session CD-R accompanied with a track listing and table of contents if it is an Audio CD.
Failure to do this could lead to delays in lead times quoted. If you supply a DAT you will be charged for mastering time. The rate is $95 per hour.

DVD for replication must be supplied on DLT tape. A log sheet is to be supplied for each DLT tape. This log sheet is to contain all relevant information pertaining to the tape, including CSS encryption requirements, number of Video Title Sets and Macrovision requirements. A copy of the required log sheet can be found on our website

For Cassettes, we must be provided with a master together with a completed master information sheet. This master can be provided in the
following formats:
• R-DAT tape.
• Compact disc - Must conform to Red Book Standards
• Audio cassette
• 1/4" tape
Other formats, both digital and analogue, can be converted and transferred to R-DAT. We can arrange this on your behalf but the cost involved will
be charged to you.

For VHS Although the following are the preferred master formats, all formats are acceptable.
• Betacam (Digital and SP)
• One inch reel
• D2
• MiniDV
• DVCam
All Masters should be supplied ready to be duplicated without compile or editing required. Should additional work be required, charges may apply and may delay quoted turnaround times. Masters and artwork to be returned with the order must be noted on your purchase order. Masters and artwork are held on our premises for a maximum period of 12 months. Any Masters stored in our library will be destroyed at your request.


Turnaround time for CD,DVD and Cassette is varies from 5 to 12 business days calculated from the first day of receipt of complete film, files and master inputs before 11:00am, and is governed by the work in the system at the time of your order being received. It takes five to seven days for a repress.
These turnarounds can be affected in the peak times of September to December. If you have specific deadlines to meet, this should be noted when placing your order, and we will endeavour to meet that date. Turnaround time for VHS is dependent on the specifics of your job and will be discussed with you when you place your order.


As goods are specifically manufactured for yourselves we ask you to accept a variation of plus or minus 10% in the quantity ordered.
If you require exact quantities you will be charged a 10% fee for this request.
Masters and printed material held at the supplier’s premises shall be held at the risk of the Customer and the supplier shall not be liable for any loss or damage to masters or printed material however occurring.
A handling fee will be charged for the return of any components if separate from an order.


Upon delivery of the Goods the Customer shall give written notice to the Supplier within 10 working days of delivery of any non-conformity with description or the terms and conditions of this contract and failure to give such notice shall constitute an irrevocable acceptance of the goods by the Customer. The customer shall arrange for all faulty products such as – discs, cases and paper parts to be fully returned to Grafxar for a replacement to be raised. Not just samples.


(A) Supplier’s usual written warranty shall apply in respect of Goods.
(B) If the Goods are not of the kind ordinarily acquired for domestic or household use the liability of the Supplier for breach of any condition or warranty implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974 (other than Section 69) shall be limited to one of the following at Supplier’s option:
(i) the replacement of the goods or supply of equivalent goods; or
(ii) the repair of goods; or
(iii) the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or the acquiring equivalent goods; or
(iv) the payment of having the goods repaired.
(C) Liability under this warranty shall be to the exclusion of all other warranties or liabilities (to the extent permitted by law).The Customer shall assume all risk and liability resulting from the use of the Goods either alone or in conjunction with other goods and materials even if the Supplier had or should have had knowledge of the use to which the goods would be put.
(D) To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Supplier is not liable to the Customer or any other person for any physical or financial injury, loss or damage or consequential loss or damage of any kind, whether to person or property, arising out of the supply of the Goods, or arising out of the company’s negligence in any way.


The Customer warranty to the Supplier that the Customer has copyright in the works of reproduction and that the Supplier shall not be in breach of any third party’s copyright or any other intellectual property rights by carrying out any reproduction as ordered by the Customer. The Customer hereby indemnifies the Supplier against all actions, suits, claims and demands made against the Supplier by any Third Party for any alleged
infringement or breach of copyright or any intellectual property rights such indemnity to include all legal costs on a Solicitor/Client basis.


Access to information on the company including templates and print impositions are available via our Website, which is as follows:


If you have not worked with Grafxar before we would ask for 30% payment up front prior to commencement of work, and the remaining
costs at completion of the order.
To qualify for an account with Grafxar your sales need to be in excess of $30,000 pa or $2500 per month. If you need an application form to
open an account this can be supplied upon request.

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