CD and DVD Duplication templates

Grafxar Multimedia offer full colour printing on CD and DVD media at highly competitive prices. If you are a musician planning on distributing your original material and hoping to keep your initial costs down, a short CD or DVD run is ideal. We can also print the CD inlays and supply the CD jewel cases or CD and DVD sleeves you require.

We can also design the CD or DVD cover and CD inlays for you. Duplication of CDs and DVDs without any surface printing is also available.

Our printing services are also ideal for software companies who require small quantities of their CD titles initially and then may expand as their product grows. In fact, any business large or small, can benefit from the high quality look and low cost of our CD services.

Our CD print is either 4800 dpi print (the highest quality CD inkjet print available!) or screen print (in quantities from 50 CDs or DVDs). We stay away from paper CD labels! Did you know a misapplied paper label can cause your CD to skip or stick in your CD player? Your CD title may also be duplicated or replicated (in quantities over 500 CDs) for a little extra.

We also offer a wide range of CD packaging for your printed CD titles. We stock CD jewel cases, plastic wallets and more.

Contact us for more information or instant quote.

CD and DVD Duplication templates

CD and DVD Black ink-jet Printing CD and DVD Monocrome Print
BLACK Ink-Jet Print
Suitable for CD, DVD, mini-CD and CD Business Card
CD and DVD Colour Printing CD and DVD Colour Print
COLOUR Ink-Jet Print
Suitable for CD, DVD, mini-CD and CD Business Card
Prices include set-up costs and GST. 24hr turn-around on all Ink-Jet printing.

CD and DVD Duplication templates

CD and DVD Silk-Screen Printing CD and DVD Silk-Screen Print
1 Colour Silk-Screen Print
Cost for each Additional Colour
Prices include set-up costs and GST. 3-4 Business Day turn-around on Silk-Screen Printing.

Contact us for any Silk-Screen Printing price queries.

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